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  1. Python - How to make a voltmeter

    Python based 0 - 55v DVM


    You can not have enough Digital Voltage Multimeters, or some other device that measures voltage. Also, I needed an extra voltage measuring device on my boat. This little project teaches you how to make a PIC16F688 read voltage, convert it to an AD value …

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  2. Python - How to make a QR code image with Python

    This script use Tkinter, Image and pyqrcode to make an image of the text entered in the text field.

    from Tkinter import *
    import Image
    import pyqrcode
    ''' Functions '''
    def makeQRCode():
        qr_data = txt_Input.get()
        url = pyqrcode.create(qr_data)
        url.png('url.png', scale = 8)
        img = Image.open('url.png')
        print …
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  3. Raspberry Pi - blink a LED.md

    This little program toggles an LED on and off forever.

    import RPi.GPIO as GPIO
    import time
    GPIO.setmode(GPIO.BCM)      # Using PIN function not BOARD number #
    GPIO.setwarnings(False)     # Turning off all warnings #
    # Run while-loop forever #
    while True:
        GPIO.setup(19, GPIO.OUT)
        print "Led on"
        GPIO.output(19 …
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