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  1. PIC16F690 - 7 seg Voltmeter


    The purpose of this circuit is to read analog voltage from RA2, convert it to an ADC value, calculate the voltage, and display it on the three seven segments. The power that drives the circuit has a LM7805 regulator. On the input side, there's a voltage divider.

    This is …

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  2. LM338T 5-amp adjustable regulator

    LM338T 5-amp adjustable regulator

    This is a 3-pin adjustable regulator. It is obsolete and you should look for replacement. However, this is a schematic, regulating 12v down to 1.2 - 6 volts DC. Both ends are screw terminals.


    Part     Value          Device          Package      Library      Sheet
    C1       0.1uF          C-EU025-025X050 C025-025X050 …
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