New site, up and running

lø. 28 oktober 2017

Testing out Apache and Pelican

After some time without my own web server, the urge to get one was too overwhelming. Like the last time, I put out one of my Raspberry Pi's and installed Rasbian. Then I installed Apache and PHP. Now, I needed to find a small CMS system, which was free, easy to use and work without a database, like mySQL, MariaDB and the like.

The research I did, led me to Pelican. This is a blog/cms system which generates static HTML files. This is perfect for me, as I do not want all the hassle with usernames and passwords, and databases and all that. Besides, speed is essential.

This site is kind of my notebook and is were I put things I need to remember, and to document some of my work. Some of the code are inspired from other people, that have been listed when I use Google.

Check out the items in the menu.

The current theme is: BlueIdea