This is a list of projects that are in the documenting state

Time ventilator with LCD, EEPROM and RTC?

Engine Timer.

Remote controller rudder.

GPS move alarm. (Theft alarm)

GPS Zulu time clock with 7-segments.

RPM counter for prop shaft.

7-seg thermometer.

Ph and temp measuring device.

220v AC powered UV lamp with LCD and timer function.

Heated agitator, with tempsetting and temp reading.

PIC 16F628 develpoment board.

PIC 16F690 development board.

PIC 16F690 LCD thermometer with LM34.

Home made stress relief Enter key.

Hit counter based on Apache access_log file.

How to use a OV7670 cameramodule with Arduino.

3.3v breadboard power supply.

How to use GY-271 electronic compass.

Raspberry Pi Motion Camera.

PIC 16F628 and 1604 LCD showing LAT/LON/TIME/DATE/COG/SOG.

Lab bench variable powersupply, based on PIC16F690 and LM338T with 4x16 LCD.

LM338T 5-amp adjustable regulator.

Raspberry Pi thermometer.

Raspberry Pi Tachometer.

3D print enclosures for resistor that are laying around on the desk and create a mess.

PIC "cut-off" powersupply.

Li-Ion batteri lader.

RTC add-on module.

Powersupply to laser.

PIC 16F688 ADC demo.

Python based program for freeing up disk space. 7 - steps from ItFoss.

Audio amplifier based on the LM386.

PHP Framework for a website. With installation and mySQL setup.

Batterymonitor for batterypack on board, with app/webpage for remote monitoring. mySQL, PHP, Kotlin, Python, C.

Timer for gardenhose/water, with 7 segment and a 555-timer.

Bluetooth voltmeter, and an Android App.

Template for publishing articles for the Pelican web site.

Login and Registration system in PHP, MySQL and BootStrap

PasswordGenerator => PIC microcontroller with LCD and PHP (set length and hit Make)