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  1. PIC 16F688 ADC average.


    This little program reads the ADC …

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  2. PIC 16F688 1 sec interrupt demo.

    The 1-sec

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  3. PIC 16F688 LM34 to PC.


    This little program reads ADC from …

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  4. PIC 16F628A GSM Demo.

    PIC and SIM900A

    This program demonstrates how to use the SIM900A to connect and disconnect to the cell network with GPRS. The uart code are in libraries.

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  5. PIC 16F628A UART demo.

    This is a demo of how to use libraries when programming PICs.

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  6. PIC 16F688 ADC demo.

    PIC 16F688 ADC

    This is a little ADC demo, based on the PIC 16F688. I'm using 8-bit analog converter, that's 255, not the 1023 a 10-bit has.

    #include <xc.h>
    #include <stdio.h>
    #include <stdlib.h>
    #pragma config FOSC = HS        // Oscillator Selection bits (INTOSCIO oscillator: I …
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  7. aircrack-ng

    This is for educational use only

    To …

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  8. How to make a clock in Python

    This little script shows the time in a window.

    '''Import libraries'''
    from Tkinter import *
    import time
    '''Define a function'''
    def tick():
        '''Assign current time to time_string'''
        time_string = time.strftime("%H:%M:%S")
        '''Update the clock labels text'''
        '''After 200ms run tick'''
        clock.after(200, tick)
    '''Make …
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  9. Python - How to load a file and convert it base64

    This python script creates a window with four buttons, two labels and a text widget. The code is fairly good commented and speaks for itself. The coded file will be written as a text file.

    import Tkinter, Tkconstants, tkFileDialog
    from Tkinter import *
    import tkMessageBox
    import base64
    import webbrowser
    def exit …
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  10. How to list all images in a folder, sorted

    PHP script

    This PHP script lists all images in a folder, in descending order. The files are shown as images.

    array_multisort(array_map('filemtime', ($files = glob("*.jpg"))), SORT_DESC, $files);
    foreach($files as $filename)
        echo "<a href='http://nerdegutta.org/".substr($filename, 0, -4).".jpg'><img src='http://nerdegutta.org/".substr …
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  11. PIC 16F628A 16 x 4 LCD

    In this article I'm using a PIC 16F628a to demonstrate one way of using a 4 line LCD.

    The hardware

    The following schematic is put on a breadboard: Schematic layout

    BOM - Bill of material

    This is what you need.

    Exported from PIC16F628A-16x4-lcd-demo.sch at 08.11.17 20:56
    EAGLE Version …
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  12. PIC 16F628A Engine Timer

    Work in progress

    PIC 16F628A Engine Timer

    The idea behind this circuit is that I have no idea of how many hours my Volvo Penta is running during a season. With this circuit, I can monitor the hours, and change the motor oil according to the timer.

    The program write …

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