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  1. PIC 16F688 ADC to RS232.


    This little program reads the ADC value from AN7, and transmits the value to the TX pin.

    All the Uart - code is in the uart_header and uart_source files.

    The program

    #include <xc.h>
    #include <stdio.h>
    #include <stdlib.h>
    #include "uart_header.h"
    #pragma config FOSC …
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  2. PIC16F690 - 7 seg Voltmeter


    The purpose of this circuit is to read analog voltage from RA2, convert it to an ADC value, calculate the voltage, and display it on the three seven segments. The power that drives the circuit has a LM7805 regulator. On the input side, there's a voltage divider.

    This is …

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  3. Python - How to make a voltmeter

    Python based 0 - 55v DVM


    You can not have enough Digital Voltage Multimeters, or some other device that measures voltage. Also, I needed an extra voltage measuring device on my boat. This little project teaches you how to make a PIC16F688 read voltage, convert it to an AD value …

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  4. PIC 16F690 7 seg voltmeter


    This little program reads analog voltage on AN2, and converts it into an ADC value, and then claculates the volt. The volt is displayed on a 3 digit 7 seg.

    Check out this article for the schematic.

    #include <xc.h>
    // CONFIG
    #pragma config FOSC = XT        // Oscillator Selection bits (HS …
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