The purpose of this circuit is to read analog voltage from RA2, convert it to an ADC value, calculate the voltage, and display it on the three seven segments. The power that drives the circuit has a LM7805 regulator. On the input side, there's a voltage divider.

This is the circuit for this program.


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Part list

Reference Value Library Library Ref
U2 PIC16F690-ISO MCU_Microchip_PIC16 PIC16F690-ISO
U5 HDSP-7503 Display_Character HDSP-7503
U4 HDSP-7503 Display_Character HDSP-7503
U3 HDSP-7503 Display_Character HDSP-7503
Q3 BC547 Transistor_BJT BC547
Q2 BC547 Transistor_BJT BC547
Q1 BC547 Transistor_BJT BC547
R6 120R Device R
R5 120R Device R
R4 120R Device R
R3 10K Device R
Y1 Crystal Device Crystal
C2 18pF Device C
C5 18pF Device C
C8 0.01uF Device C
C4 0.1uF Device C
R1 100K Device R
R2 10K Device R
J2 Screw_Terminal_01x02 Connector Screw_Terminal_01x02
J4 Conn_01x11 Connector_Generic Conn_01x11
J3 Conn_01x05 Connector_Generic Conn_01x05
U1 LM7805_TO220 Regulator_Linear LM7805_TO220
J1 Screw_Terminal_01x02 Connector Screw_Terminal_01x02
C1 100uF Device CP
C3 0.1uF Device C
C6 0.1uF Device C
C7 100uF Device CP
D1 1N4004 Diode 1N4004

Board layout

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