PIC 16F690 Dev Board

This is how I made a dev board for the PIC 16F690.

The schematic

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The part list

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EAGLE Version 9.2.2 Copyright (c) 1988-2018 Autodesk, Inc.

Assembly variant: 

Part     Value          Device          Package      Library    Sheet

C1       0.1uF          C-EU025-030X050 C025-030X050 rcl        1
C2       18 pF          C-EU025-030X050 C025-030X050 rcl        1
C3       18pF           C-EU025-030X050 C025-030X050 rcl        1
IC1      PIC16F690      DIL20           DIL20        ic-package 1
JP1      ICSP           PINHD-1X5       1X05         pinhead    1
JP2      Output         PINHD-1X13      1X13         pinhead    1
JP3      5vDC           PINHD-1X2       1X02         pinhead    1
Q1       8MHz           XTAL/S          QS           special    1
R1       10K            R-EU_0204/2V    0204V        rcl        1

The board layout

Board Layout

Download files

PIC 16F690 Dev Board