LM 386

This is a small OP-AMP ic, with these specs: LM386 Datasheet

You'll find a link to the datasheet here: LM386 datasheet

I'm using KiCAD to design a schematic and PCB layout. This version is the Though hole one. It's easy to change the footprints to SMD.


From the datasheet, I drew this scematic: LM386 schematic

Click here For a big image.

PCB design

When I had checked, and doublechecked that all the connecions were OK, I designed this board.

LM386 PCB layout

Click here For a big image.

Final result

This is the final result, when I use the 3D View function in KiCAD.

LM364 3d View

Click here For a bigger view.

Download the projects file from here.