LM338T 5-amp adjustable regulator

This is a 3-pin adjustable regulator. It is obsolete and you should look for replacement. However, this is a schematic, regulating 12v down to 1.2 - 6 volts DC. Both ends are screw terminals.


Part     Value          Device          Package      Library      Sheet

C1       0.1uF          C-EU025-025X050 C025-025X050 rcl          1
C2       100uF          CPOL-EUE2-5     E2-5         rcl          1
C3       0.1uF          C-EU025-025X050 C025-025X050 rcl          1
D1       1N4004         DIODE-SMB       SMB          diode        1
IC1      LM338T         LM138-TS        TO220S       v-reg        1
R1       270R           R-EU_0204/2V    0204V        rcl          1
R2       1K             TRIM_EU-LI10    LI10         pot          1
X1       12vDC in       W237-102        W237-102     con-wago-500 1
X3       Out            W237-102        W237-102     con-wago-500 1


Schematic layout

Board layout

Board layout