Download and installation

This is how I install Sublime Text and get Python integration, with code completion. Open a browser a go to Sublime Text 3 Download. Download and install your preferred version: Sublime Download

Unpack the file, and navigate to the sublime_text_3 folder. There you'll have the file sublime_text. This is what we want. Open that file and press ctrl+shift+p. You should see this: ctrl+shift+p


  1. Search and install the Install package

  2. Wait a bit

  3. Search and install Jedi - Python autocompletion:


  1. Then do the same thing for Anaconda:


Now you'll end up with this:


You should now be up and running with Python in Sublime text.

To remove the white boxes around the text

With Anaconda, some text will have a white rectangle around. To remove it, navigate to Preferences -> Package settings -> Anaconda -> Settings-User and type in the following:

    "anaconda_linting": false,

This should remove the boxes.