Some notes on using Blender

  • Shift+a = Add menu

Add menu

  • Alt+c = Convert to Mesh

Conver to Mesh

  • Change Render engine to Cycles Render

Change Render

  • Change material -> Click Material -> Use Notes -> Change color -> Rename


  • Numpad 5 = Orthographic mode, Numpad 1 = Camear View

  • Choose Camera view, hit n, tick, "Lock camera to view" -> Move freely around with holding the right mousebutton down.

  • Rotate text on X axis; Right Click, press r + x and enter degrees

  • TAB in and out of text edit mode

  • Change font -> Mark text, scroll down to font, use the regular field to browse after a font.

Change Font

To make an animation: Render all images as .png Switch to Video Editing Track 3 Edit strip: Blend: Alpha under, Opacy 1 -> Sequence of .png files Track 2 Edit strip: Blend: Alpha under, Opacy 1 -> Background image Render all as *.png

Use ffmpeg to put everything into one animation file.

ffmpeg -start_number 1 -i image-%04d.png -vcodec libx264 test.mp4

Shift + right click to select object then:

  • ctrl + p = Follow path menu

Follow path